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I’m using the minimal theme. I would like to reduce the size of headers. Is there a minimal command for that? If not, a command in the default set?

The Minimal Theme Settings plugin allows for some control of the theme.
For deep control of the headings see the Style Settings plugin. It has sections for Minimal where you can control each heading.

Thanks for pointing me to this. Kinda baffled by it though. Perhaps I don’t understand what’s being offered, but it seems I have to create CSS snippets to get the results I want. I’m a marginally technically competent writer, not a coder. I don’t have a clue how to go about what the plug-in seems to require.

Open Style Settings | Minimal | Headings | Heading 1-6 and you will see options to change the font, size, text colour, font weight, and divider line under the heading. No need to get into snippets.

Thanks again. Don’t know how I missed it.

Changing headings font weight have me what I wanted.

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