Hay guys, I am building an Obsidian alternative, looking for what features the community may like

Hello there, I have been playing around with the CodeMirror 6 library for a few months now, which is used to create editors, I have gotten to a point where I can say I can create a similar editor to one used in Obsidian. Obsidian itself uses CodeMirror 6, and I have made a lot of the markdown functionality in a WYSIWYG formate.

As for the graph view I have only glanced on the D3js and PixiJS integration, which is used also used by Obsidian, at-least on the D3 side it doesn’t seem too complicated, a lot of the heavy lifting is done by the library, but I haven’t look much into it.

And the rest of the application is pretty much Node with ElectionJS for the desktop application, Electron and Node are also very well documented, and I don’t suppose it would take too long to make those.

But the more I learn, the more I appreciate Obsidian, its very large and well made, and I am just a solo developer with a lot of my plate for probable next two years. I don’t think so I can create an application that can actually really really compete, at-least not till I have a team or I am doing this full time. That being said I do want to create a decent application, even if it doesn’t compete to the level that Obsidian is at.

I have read ‘How To Take Smart Notes’ from Ahrens, and I really like the idea of Zettelkasten, I have also read about how MOC(maps of content, which are just notes with structured links to other notes) works and takes advantage of Obsidian.

So TLDR, what are some features, which you would like from a note-taking application, preferably a markdown based one, at large not specific to Obsidian which can be developed in reasonably. I am looking to build around privacy, as its a field that I do have a decent knowledge of, but I am not limited to.

There is a section of this forum called “feature requests” and another one called “feature archives”, you can browse to your heart’s content.


How about writing some plug-ins to Obsidian to make it better?


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