Having Trouble Creating Block Links

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to reference other notes that I have already created to maintain a flow of where information came from. I was previously able to create links to specific blocks/bullets but now when I trigger the “^” it keeps giving me a “no match found”

Things I have tried

i was previously able to do this. i have tried adjusting the source doc but have not been able to solve it.

if you want to reference a note (internal links), you can start with [[ and start typing the title of the note you want to link or keywords in the title. At that point, you should see a list appearing most likely including the note you are looking for. If you are looking to reference a specific part of a note (embed part of a note or a block), you start with the syntax ![[ find the note you are looking for, then add ^. At that point, you should see a list of the blocks in that note, you can type keywords in the block you are looking for and chose. You can see the process in action in this video which shows all the types of links available or read it in the Obsidian help.

Yes. i’ve followed this closely and i used to be able to do it. Do bullets mess with the ability to link?

attached is a screenshot of testing i’m doing

It looks like you’re trying to do both? Link to a heading, and then link to a block inside that heading? I’m not aware of that being something you can do.

In the help it shows #^ but that is just the syntax it uses when you use ^. It adds the #

But I don’t think you can #something^something. So you would have to type [[TEST FILE^]] to initiate the block search.

(If you can do that, that is something I just learned. But it isn’t working for me.)


oh man! how silly of me… i felt like i had followed the instructions like totally. thanks so much!!

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I’ve got it down now, but the exact steps were confusing at first - to me anyway. I kept hitting Enter too early and having to go back and manually try to trigger the header/block pop-up.

Type [[ → start typing the note name → use the up/down arrow keys to highlight the note you want to link to → hit Tab to auto-complete the note name → then # for a header or ^ for a block → use the up/down arrow keys again to highlight a header/block → then finally Enter. :sweat_drops:

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