Having hotkeys be global across vaults

Enjoying Obsidian so far, thank you (and all the best too !)

I ended up making two vaults (I usually end up with at least two namespaces in all my tools, at the very least I always have a “life vs work” separation (or I try to, lol)).

I wanted to add a hot-key for “Today’s notes” and it was super-easy to do this, really like how straightforward it was.

However, I then had to go add it for the other vault too, after wondering “why isn’t this keyboard shortcut working anymore?” for a while.

And … this made me wonder, should hotkeys be global or vault-scoped?.

I can see the case for keeping it the way it is: (1) there might be hotkeys that only make sense for a specific vault, or (2) it allows the app to not have any global state.

On the other hand, hotkeys are usually for the app as a whole; the way I imagine them, I add or change hotkeys when I want to change “the way I use the app”.

So: not a complaint, just a thought, thanks again for a great product.


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