Have ⌘↑/↓ work the same in Obsidian as it does in other text apps

In most other text apps on the mac, ⌘↑/↓ moves the cursor to the top/bottom of the document. For some reason, this doesn’t work in Obsidian & I find that very inconvenient since I use this hotkey a lot. Will this ever be implemented?

Hi Glor,

on my machine this is working the way you’re describing it. ⌘↑ jumps to the first line and ⌘↓ to the last. Do you have the Outliner Plugin installed, maybe? This plugin uses the hotkeys ⌘↑/↓ for folding. Maybe this get’s in your way? If this is true, than you can change the hotkeys in settings.

Bye, Arne

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@ArCris That worked, thank you so much! :grin:

Fine ! :grinning:

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