Have a slight delay before a click is noticed so that double clicking becomes possible when using live preview

Use case or problem

When i am in Live Preview mode with my cursor inside of a [] link and want to double click somewhere else to make that a link, the first click puts me at the word i want to be, but that word is now in a different position since the brackets of the link i was in beforehand dont show anymore. The second click then puts me somewhere else again and actually selects a word i dont want to select at all.

Proposed solution

Have a slight delay before the system recognizes the first click so that the second click can be still at the same position. This delay should be so small so that its not really noticeable if you just want to click once in other circumstances.

Current workaround (optional)

I am clicking once to get out of the link, then i have to search for my cursor and click there again. Very tedious.

I hope this was understandable, somewhat hard to explain.