Haskell needed: Obsidian module for Pandoc

This is external to an Obsidian plugin, but needed for Obsidian users. Obsidian’s markdown is idiosyncratic in a few ways. I would love if someone contributed to Pandoc a module for Obsidian flavored markdown. Particularly taking into account the way images are embedded, and converting say block/header/page embeds into just the text content of what is being embedded.

Source code for the normal markdown can be found here: Text.Pandoc.Readers.Markdown


I don’t want to discourage anyone from working on this, but I want to point out that Obsidian’s devs are currently working on an “Export to standard markdown” feature. It’s listed on the roadmap as “Working on,” along with the mobile apps. Obsidian Roadmap on trello

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That’s great new! I’m currently working on a Pandoc export plugin that currently doesn’t support Obsidian’s markdown extensions, so that would mean I don’t need to bother writing a Haskell module or Pandoc filter when the export to standard markdown feature is released.

Looking forward to this module!

Has there been any movement on this? Either a supported CommonMark exporter, or something else?

If not, I am a software engineer conversant with Haskell, and would be happy to contribute a Pandoc reader for Obsidian-flavored Markdown, as long as there is a published spec or test suite to work from. Is there?