Has anyone used Advanced Slides for serious presentation?

I have read a few examples posted by @MSzturc and looked up YouTubers on this topic. I think it is a very neat idea to use MarkDown to write presentation. But the examples are very simple and for demonstration only.

I’m curious whether anyone really used the Advanced Slides for presentation or is this just a pet project? It there an easy way to use, say for example, two panel content layout? Adding banners and logo in each slide easily?

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I use Advanced Slides for serious presentations at work and other contexts. It works very well when I’m presenting from my laptop or working with a venue that can display PDFs.

You can use layouts to split your slides into columns, rows, and more: Split Component — Advanced Slides Documentation

It looks like you can use templates to create slide footers at least, though I haven’t tried it myself: Templates — Advanced Slides Documentation

Advanced Slides is my daily driver tool since 1,5 years. I’ve made over 70 presentations with it. For Workshops, C-Level Gremiums, Project reports and more.

I use slides as a an aggregation layer of my pkm. In my oppinion slides have multiple benefits that help you to create a high quality pkm.

For example:
Before using Advanced Slides the Outcome of my PKM was an Article or a Video. Both have multiple Problems:

  • They are very long, most of the time > 3000 words of text, which cause in my workflow procrastination
  • The are a weak quality control tool. For me a text piece is like software. You know if it works / if its socially accepted when you take it to production. => Too long production cylcles
  • Texts are ‘dirty’. To make an information more consumable you enhance it with something I call fluff. It’s hard to backtrack this fluffed texts since the are not atomic. Most of the time they are decoupled from the pkm, which in my opinion is a a bad habbit.

Using slides i have 3 aggregation levels in my pkm.

  • Level 1: Atomic & Quality notes. A Quality note is a atomic note that was used in at least 2 Slides. When i say used i mean integrated through ![Note]. This way i pretty sure that this information could stand for it’s own.
  • Level 2: Slide. A Slide is the aggregation of 2-3 atomic notes + a template that does all the layouting. I banished MOC from my pkm completely because the felt like the wrong tool for aggregation of information because it builds star based structures and not triangular based structures, which are more likely our brain works.
  • Level 3: Deck: A deck is a linear connection of multiple slides. The same slide could be in multiple Decks which makes the bound of this slide an the message behind it stronger.

In my PKM i have 16200 mostly atomic notes, 4300 quality notes, 1730 slides and 74 decks.


I’m liking Advanced Slides, but can’t see how to change Themes. Nothing I do in Settings seems to make a difference, Any suggestions? Thanks.

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