Has anyone here used obsidian to outline a novel or know of any good examples I can look at?

Hi all, I’ve been using Obsidian on and off for about 6 months now. I was mainly using it for notes but now am thinking about using it to outline a novel I began writing 3 years ago but never finished. I’m really considering it because the novel is somewhat complex in structure, with three different timelines that link together in different ways. I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how I could go about outlining the novel with obsidian in a way that I can easily see how the different timelines relate to each other over time while maintaining a good degree of separation so I don’t get them mixed up. Any advice would be much appreciated!

I don’t know if any of the links here address that specific question, but:

Also if you’re on Discord you may want to look in the #creative channel of Obsidian’s server.

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