Has anyone found a good way to replicate Notion's databases in Obsidian, or offline databases with direct file storage like Obsidian?

What I’m trying to do

I’ve been looking at Notion databases as a way to keep tasks in a table with different columns each with their own attributes. It works very well for that, but there are times where I have poor or no internet and Notion severely lacks offline support. I want the database functionality offline, on both desktop and Android and iOS with syncing, ideally with file storage too. A solution with or without Obsidian. If it was stored in files then I could just put it on iCloud and or use Syncthing.

Things I have tried

I looked at plugins like Dataloom and DB folder but they don’t have anywhere close to all of Notion’s db features.

Same thing with Dataview, but it comes the closest to it. I can make a query and show a table with all the note properties, but I can’t check them off or edit the properties in the table. What could be a good compromise is to click on the links to the pages and edit their properties, but clicking links in dataview doesn’t open them in a new tab, so I’d have to keep going back and waiting for the query to load, over and over again if I want to edit at least a few pages’ properties.

I’ve looking for something similar, using dataview tables currently. Keeping eye open for the WIP successor of dataview - Datacore. Also, we can check tasks off in dataview views.

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