Hard Page Links vs Dataview Generated, Intended Backlink Behavior?

Things I have tried

testing and reading posts.

What I’m trying to do

I love the ability to have a page on an author and automatically display all the books and articles based on a Dataview query (e.g. Where Author=“XXX”). However, though I can click on the links and go to their respected pages, the books and articles do not appear to be linked in the local or global graphs. I guess this is because the links are generated dynamically, but, that then means that if I want the books to be physically linked, I would have to duplicate the list manually, defeating the purpose of the automation.

If I am correct in this, and if so, how are people dealing with it? If I’m going to have to list the books and articles manually anyway, then in what are the pros and cons of using dataview in this case? What’s the intended behavior and usage?



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In a tangential question, putting YAML links to parent with the Breadcrumb plugin, allows me to quickly jump up or down to related notes, but then it seems I should list tese links outside of YAML too in order to create the connection in the graph. As above, what thoughts on this, pros, cons, etc?

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