Handwritten notes for Obsidian android


It would be great if the android version of Obsidian allowed making handwritten notes. I love the concept of Obsidian, but I prefer handwriting my notes on my Lenovo tablet.

If you decide to implement the handwriting feature, you should consider:

  1. Palm rejection (Lenovo tablets do not have a proper system-wide palm rejection).

  2. Line and grid paper templates.

  3. Stylus support (for example s-pen and Lenovo Precision Pen 2)

  4. Visually appealing pens.

  5. Configuring the pen buttons (eraser, lasso,…).

I would be grateful if you introduced this feature in the future. The app is otherwise excellent, especially on PC. With a proper handwriting feature, Obsidian could easily be one of the best note-taking apps for android.


there is a plugin, tldraw, that is awaiting approval that might be what you are looking for. the author says that he’s had feedback from obsidian team and needs to make some changes before they’ll accept as a community release.


I’ve just started using the Handwritten Notes Plugin - officially released as a community plugin a couple of weeks ago - on my Android devices; next I’ll try it on Windows & Linux.

It works well using PDFs in Obsidian with e.g. Xodo.

[both annotating & creating new handwritten PDFs]

It works with my Wacom EMR stylus on my Acer Spin 512 Chromebook.

I love tldraw!

Thanks for the plugin recommendations, all! I was just about to start another thread to ask a question like this because Excalidraw honestly isn’t great for just writing longhand on a tablet device. Will check these out.