Handwritten notes and linking from external sources. Is this possible with Obsidian?

Forgive me, I just learned about Obsidian and here’s a quick explanation of what I’m looking to achieve with work/thought flow:

I’m a creative writer working on multiple streams of topics and themes at a time for potential articles and books. Also keep in mind that I would VERY much rather hand write notes than type or finger text…so I am researching for a quality einkwriter/reader/tablet that allows me to apply multiple tags to all kinds of sources (my own notes, online sources, books especially on scribd, voice recordings) that become collections of material based on themed topics. This would enable me to later see the scope of materials I’ve gathered to incorporate into one chapter of a book, etc.

For example…let’s say I have ideas around the concepts of containment and also of the interplay between masculinity and femininity…I want to be able to create tags for these…then if I am reading a book on scribd I can highlight a line that talks about that and tag it with multiple tags that might apply. Later I might be driving home and have a great thought, voice record it and want to tag that recording with the same theme.

Then I might want to review all I have gathered on a given topic in one location where I open up the tag and can see everything tagged in one collected place!

Is this possible somewhere!!!

Also the other big standard I have is that the writing feel be INCREDIBLY REAL and latency with everything be very optimal! Even if I have to outsource better add ons to achieve all this I will do it. It looks like MAYBE onyx note air 2 could be my best bet? I want to invest in a LONG TERM reliable tool because I am looking to rely on this as the main management of all my creative work and catch what my mind does with theme building without using up so much mental data!

Thanks for your help!

(Hand writing is very important for my process…is there anything akin to Obsidian that allows you to tag to the obsidian note files without being IN the program? Like when I am on my scribd app being able to make my own notes in there AND link to something as webbed as what Obsidian does? I am not keen on interrupting my book reading or notetaking to do multiple steps to log my finds and annotations)

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you don’t say what platform you are using, but Apple iPhones, iPads with an apple pencil will take your handwritten notes and transmorgify them into typed text that you could cut and paste into other programs.

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Also on newer Macs (not sure what the cutoff is) you can copy-paste text — including handwriting — from images.