Handling Locations in Daily Notes

Hi Team. I am brand new and have long thought I needed to a thing, but couldn’t articulate what that thing was. I now know it is PKM, and the path to happiness is indeed Obsian. So I am an Apple nerdy, so running in that ecosystem, I have a shortcut on my phone, that fires when my alarm goes off in the morning, and pulls stuff from health and all over the place to make the start of my daily note for the day. So far so good. I am only three weeks into this journey, so still discovering all the resources and the ‘right’ way of doing things.

When I started, I was logging my meals, "Lunch was a burrito at " and then a link to a note for the restaurant/cafe for the meal. I originally had “Work Canteen” but am not a fan of everything at the top level (still refining folder structure, but that’s a different topic), so then I made a Locations folder, and started putting cafes and bars in as notes of the form “Locations/Work Canteen”… a week went by and then I found the map plugin to Obsidian, and so now I am spending all this time in the OpenStreetMap editor, adding all my cafes and things that are missing, so that I can add a geotag to my notes, so now it says Lunch at (Work Canteen) [geo].

So with the note system, I can get a feel for things from the graph view, which I really like. But those do not show on the map view, so then the geo tag ones do show on the map view but not on the graph view. So do I do both?

The question fundamentally comes down to what do I want to do with the data? And I guess I am a stats nerd (who could have seen that coming), and would like to get to the point where I have auto generated weekly, monthly and yearly summaries, showing everything about where I go and where I eat and how often and all that kind of stuff. Which then starts to sound like I should just do it with tags instead, and everything else is just window dressing?

I guess I am not the first person down this rabbit hole, so am here asking what others do that I may learn from your collective data obsessions.

Thanks in advance.

I’m mostly interested in quickly finding all the notes that relate to a location (I refer to them as “Places”), and to have a note to jot details about that specific place (eg. “Owners name is Bob.”, “Don’t go on a Saturday as it gets too busy.”, etc).
I create a note for ‘Places’ (with aliases for all the names I might call it) and then like you, in my daily notes link to those places so I can see from the Place note all the backlinks to notes that are related. On the Place note, I have the geo info in the YAML, a map view in the body of the note so I can see it’s location, and other meta information about the place like the address, special things to know about it, etc.

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