Handling imported Notion database views that include % calculated properties

I’ve been using Obsidian for years now and for the past year or so for work. I wasn’t sure if Obsidian would replace my use of Notion. I’ve made the switch now that I’ve not touched Notion for a year.
One of the biggest issues I had was with the level of complexity and ever evolving tools in Notion; I appreciated it’s simplity back in 2019. The entire platform commanded more and more of my attention and became more of a burden to getting work done. I was consumed.
I wanted to move to Obsidian but I didn’t understand all the complex processes to prep CSVs and md files to then use scripts to import them into an Obsidian…seemed like a full time job…I nearly hired a developer to do it for me.

But I found Obsidian’s “Importer” plugin! Awesome possoms!

As I imported all my thousands of files all my database views came in totally crazy. I coud see they were tables but portions were greyed out. The tables were not rendering.

  1. all tables were indented, that was an easy fix
  2. my calculated properties that I had used “%” glyphs were needed to be replaced

As a none-sorta-Obsidian-wanna-be-super-user, I hope that this helps any other wanna-be-Obsidian-super-user!