Handling Accented Characters in Obsidian Search: A Question of Internationalization?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to search for notes in Obsidian using non-accented characters, expecting the results to include notes that have the corresponding accented characters. For instance, I want to search for “reunion” and get results that include the word “réunion”, akin to how most search engines handle accented characters.

For non-French speakers, you may wonder why this is essential:

  • Touch Keyboard: Avoiding the hassle of using accented characters on touch interfaces.
  • Inflected Terms: Matching terms like “tache” with “tâche” due to variations in orthography and inflection.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve searched the help docs and forums for terms like “Obsidian accented character search”, “search localization in Obsidian”, and “Obsidian accent-insensitive search”.

  • I’ve experimented by typing “reunion” in the search bar, but it does not return notes containing “réunion”. In contrast, other platforms treat é, è, ë, ê, etc. as ‘e’ during searches.

If this is indeed a limitation or lack of internationalization of Obsidian’s search functionality, I’m considering posting this as a bug or new feature request. However, I wanted to discuss this matter here first to avoid unnecessary posts in other areas of the forum.

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This feature request?

(There are similar threads as well.)

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