Hand/Pan tool to scroll pages in new PDF viewer

Use case or problem

The challenge at hand pertains to the inconvenience experienced when working with extensive PDF documents, wherein traditional scrollbars become cumbersome to navigate. To enhance the user experience, an alternative solution is sought that involves the ability to scroll PDFs by dragging the mouse (hand/pan tool). Additionally, the desire is to implement an infinite drag-scrolling feature, wherein the viewport is not constrained by screen boundaries, similar to the functionality found in the “okular” software where mouse doesn’t collide to screen edges while scrolling pages. Another example many could relate is object dragging in “Blender” 3D software, you see that when you drag the object using mouse, the mouse pointer doesn’t collide to screen edges and you can drag infinitely. The goal is to enable seamless scrolling of PDF pages, unrestricted by the edges of the screen.

I want similar feature to scroll pages in “NEW PDF VIEWER” of obsidian.

Proposed solution

A proposed solution to address this issue is to incorporate the desired feature as a default component in the NEW PDF READER. Alternatively, the implementation of the feature can take the form of a plugin. For the latter approach, reference code and insights can be derived from the open-source “okular” PDF reader, which already features scrolling pages with similar characteristics. By adapting and releasing this functionality as an Obsidian plugin, users can gain access to a more efficient and versatile PDF reading experience.

Current workaround (optional)


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