Hand-drawn notes in markdown

Today I found a markdown editor that allows the embedding of hand-drawn notes.

It encodes the images in a (proprietary) format, instead of using a URL. Perhaps it could be interesting to investigate how to do something like that in Obsidian, especially to use with stylus and tablets.


Have you tried the Excalidraw plugin? I haven’t used it for hand-drawn notes, moreso free draw figures.

Yeah! and I like it very much :slight_smile:

The only drawback (for me) is that the text+drawing is not stored as markdown.

WOW, it is possible! Excited by this. Replacing OneNote with an app that leverage the linking, file independence and search tag abilities of Obsidian would be amazing. Seems it can be done!

Excalidraw is a great app but still requires a separate window and file linking process to a note. Notekit is really trying to mimic the all on one page text, draw, pics paradigm of OneNote and thats a really good thing. :slight_smile:

I think all images can be embedded as base64. Can’t remember how.