Had mobile/macos sync issues in the past, how do I set it up correctly?

My macos Obsidian set up is working completely fine, and a couple weeks ago I had configured the Obsidian sync service to get everything synced to my Android device. This had led to major problems: every time I fired up the Android app, things in my vault would get overwritten with the (older) stored version on my Android phone. I have no idea why this happened.

I had thus abandoned using Obsidian on mobile until now because I didn’t have the time to debug this properly. Tried searching the forum recently for similar issues but did not find any relevant post.

Of course I’m planning to set up a proper backup for my vault (git repo) in case anything goes wrong, but did anyone encounter a similar problem? What should I watch for in the configuration to avoid this behavior? This had caused me some headaches a while ago as I lost some information inside my vault.

Sorry to hear about the trouble, although it’s hard to say what went wrong. Which sync approach/service were you using?

The instructions on…

…are pretty comprehensive.

@ryanjamurphy I used Obsidian Sync, followed those exact instructions.

Either I did something wrong (no idea what could have been wrong) or this was a bug. I preferred posting in the Help forum since I have no idea which one was it (and it was a couple weeks ago, reset the Android app to be safe since then so can’t debug/test anymore).

I guess the only solution will be to backup properly, then try again and hope for the best. Was curious to see if I was the only one having this issue though. That was a serious issue IMO.

There’ve been a few stories over the months since the mobile app showed up, but all of them have some kind of explanation. Obsidian Sync certainly works well for most people, though. So yes, backup and try again. Let us know if you have issues!

Okay will do. Thanks for the reply!

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I suggest that you describe exactly what you have done in another post in this thread, and then report back here on success/problems.
iirc most issues have arisen from some type of sync conflict.

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Still haven’t had the time to set up sync, but saw this in the changelog this morning:

Reduced the chances of Obsidian Sync duplicating the contents of a note when it encounters a conflicting new note which is modified both locally and remotely. It will now keep the latest version when this happens. (This patch is only fully effective when all of your devices are upgraded to this version)

The problems I was facing might have been caused by this.

I’ll be sure to describe carefully what I do if anything goes wrong as you suggest @Dor.

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