Guide video series with Help vault on Youtube. Can I make this?

Hi, I have an idea to make video series in Japanese to guide newbies or someone who is interested in getting started on Obsidian with the help documents. The reason why I’m planning this is I think and my friends say the help documents have a huge amount of texts and they’ll overwhelm newcomers. So, I got this idea.

Then, what I wanna ask the dev team is whether I can make that kind of video with the help vault. I’m going to explain various things about Obsidian usage by showing Japanese help documents on Youtube. Can I do that?

Besides, we’ve started making non-official localized community recently, and I want to create a Youtube channel “Obsidian JP” like that of Obsidian Talks for the community and stream the video series and localized community talks on that channel. So, if possible, I want to hear about what should not we do, for example, “do not display help vault on Youtube”, “do not use the logo”, “do not use that channel name”.

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