GUI for Plugins based on Code fence

Dear Obsidian Community, there is a need for GUI for plugins based on codefences. More particularly it is difficult to refer or remember what rules/properties a plugin accepts in the code. So, it would be a good option to have a GUI (form with inputs boxes) for generating code.

Proposed work flow:

  1. Writing above code should enable a GUI in Preveiw mode.
  2. In preview mode, the GUI may look like a user driver form, with first input to select ‘plugin’ from a drop-down.
  3. Then a ‘+’ symbol allows user to add properties/rules provided/supported by the plugin.

The GUI plugin should generate the user-desired code just below the gui-codefence.

PS: If anyone clarification please ask below by replying to this post.

Hope, community will understand and empathize with non-coders.