Grouping Plugins for easy Switch on and off

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Use case or problem

Some plugins, like Various Complements, Influx and others are more befitting work where you're trying to link between files but they can be distracting when you're just trying to concentrate on writing and grab your immediate thoughts. Instead of going through all installed plugins and switching them on and off individually, I would like the capability to group plugins and switch them off and on by group, so I can shift between "modes of work" more quickly.

Proposed solution

By providing the core feature of grouping plugins (third-party plugins especially), naming those groups and a switch to turn those plugins on and off collectively but also individually.

Current workaround (optional)

I don't have any ATM.

Related feature requests (optional)

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One workaround is macros if each plugin has a command to disable the visual aspects. See Choice of focus by parts of the pane - #4 by obsequious