Group colors not showing when tag is a property

I was trying to use the new property system with tags but it is not shown in the graph view it is only visible in text format directly.

To be more precise, the color is not shown in the note when using tags from the new properties system.

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Moved to help for not following the bug report template.

In graph view in group use tag:example,
not #example.

More syntax


I had the same issue but I think I figured it out.

The new Property UI made also my group color not showing anymore.

But now it works. You just have to modify the syntax.
It is automatic.

  1. Add new group on the graph view setup
  2. Left click on the field te write your query. A popup will appear
  3. Select [Property] in the list. A new popup will appear and show all the properties you have created.
  4. Select the one you want and write the query you are looking for. Don’t forget to close bracket β€œ]” at the end.

Hope it will help.

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