Group and/or sort unlinked mentions

In the unlinked mentions view of outgoing links, each node is listed separately based on its place in the document. It would be nice if there was an alphabetical sort or grouping feature so that a user can quickly tag a link one time in the document and save on the cognitive load of scrolling through constant link variation.

Use case or problem

I am using Obsidian as a PKM for case law. I have a large corpus of cases, statutes, and relevant legal concepts. When I go through a new case, the Unlinked mentions in the Outgoing links view is quite helpful for surfacing cases, statutes, and concepts to link to, but because they appear based on where the relevant link is in the document, it can get a bit unwieldy.

So for example:

Proposed solution

It would be ideal if users had the ability to sort or group (similar to incoming unlinked mentions) for outgoing unlinked mentions. In most cases, I only need a single tag, and this would radically speed up the process, as well as provide a frequency distribution for better identifiability.

Current workaround (optional)

Iā€™m manually scanning through outgoing links.

Related feature requests (optional)

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