Grind Manager alternative to Habitica in your vault

Hi, everyone! let’s me introduce my plugin:

Grind Manager

  • Unleash the magic of Grind Manager, merging task management with rewards system to your Obsidian workspace!
  • Earn coins by completing tasks and acquire epic rewards!
  • It’s your ticket to excitement and adventure in your digital domain!


  • Tasks: View all tasks in your vault.
  • Filters: Filter tasks by completion status, recurring or search by within content.
  • Rewards: Purchase rewards with earned coins.
  • History: View history of earnings and spending.
  • Recurrence: Instead of repeating the same tasks, recurring tasks are saved to history and reappear in the task list when their time arrives.
  • Counters: Utilize counters to break down a task into smaller segments for easier completion.
  • Difficulty: Set difficulty level to earn coins based on it.



From community plugins: Grind Manager

Thanks for attention!


I never thought of gamifying activities to reduce procrastination. Interesting concept

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