Great new logo … but the font?

Now that we’ve got a new logo (which conveys the sharpness that characterizes obsidian rock) it strikes me that there is something wrong with the font used next to the logo:

I’m not sure whether I just don’t like the font or whether it doesn’t go well with the new logo. I suspect the latter. I’m not a designer, so I don’t have the tools to analyze this but maybe someone else can say something in that regard?

For reference: this is the font that was used next to the old logo:

I don’t see the point in changing the font. What’s the improvement?

My guess would be that it is an attempt to match the more curved shape of the new logo with more curved letters. But something is still off…


Personally, and maybe it’s just because I love purple, I don’t much see the point in getting rid of the Purple Stone Logo for a more rugged one that switches between White and Purple if the site itself is going to remain purple and black.
The old logo was sleek, but the new one is… well, a bit messier. Kind of like Obsidian Canvas imo :confused:

The logo will be used in far more places than just the site and app. Off the top of my head: print, merchandise, other social media sites, Youtubers making tutorials. And also consider legibility for people with tritanopia, or other color vision deficiencies.

I liked the old logo, and still love Gemmy. gemmy_sunglasses64 But I loved the new logo the minute I saw it.


That’s a really good point. I keep forgetting about things like that, which is wild because my own dad is color blind x_x

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I was wondering about the font… Everybody is talking about the new logo, but what about the new font?

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