Grave accent quote easy copy

Use case or problem

When writing notes I often use these types of blocks ` to signify a varaible most of the time a small piece of text. that i’d later probably need to copy again and use somewhere else.


  • while configuring the xyz I used setting important setting I might need to copy later to acomplish… It returned a value of a nice value.
  • I used command sudo apt-get install ... wich installed the program…

Currently this is only a visual change so when I need to copy this small code block I need to select it cerfully. This takes more time than it could.

Proposed solution

I’ve seen other markdown implemenations be aware of the difference in text and assist with its function. I see two nice solutions that I’d love to see.

  1. When left clicking on a block like this It defaults to copying the text. Telegram implements it this way and it makes sharing login credentials and the like very convinient.
  2. A bit more obsucre, dubble clicking a word selects the word, tripple clicking a sentence selects the sentence. Could it be made so that double or tripple clicking selects a block.

Current workaround (optional)

carefully selecting the text, it takes only seconds. It could take less time than that.

I get that it is a small thing but for me personaly it would make a nice difference and refine the program a bit more. I hope its not to hard to implement and can be taken into consideration.

Related feature requests (optional)