Grave accent issue on international USA keyboard

When I try to write a vowel with a grave accent (“è”) with a international keyboard, a double backtick appears and the result is: 'è
I always have to delete the additional accent. I uploaded a video to show the issue.
A single accent should be the correct result.

Thank you for any help.

double (199.7 KB)

if you are using a layout with dead keys or some other text expansion, you should disable autopair markdown symbols in the editor settings.

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Following up on this: disabling autopair works for accented characters like these á, â, ä or ã

However, it does not seem to work on characters accented with ` (such as à or OP’s è) that will trigger autopair even with the setting disabled.

This problem shows up for me as well on v0.13.17, macOS 12.0.1.

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