Grapth view with symbols and as navigation bar

One of the great advantages of Obsidian is definitely the Gaph View. However, there is still a lot of potential here.
I would therefore suggest the following feature:

  1. the settings between the global and the local graph should be synchronizable. If I have created groups with colors in the global graph, then I would also like to have them in the local graph.
  2. the settings for groups should also allow symbols. This would make it easier to assign my stored knowledge to the topics using the symbols in conjunction with the colors in the graph.
  3. it should be possible to restore the settings made. If you have made a lot of effort here with groups, colors and symbols, then they would quickly be gone with the “Restore do dafults” button.
  4. links in Notes and the edge arrwos created with them should be configurable. Dashed, dotted, colored, etc. This could, for example, be specified directly for a link that is created. In this way, special connections to notes can be recognized in the graph.
  5. navigation via the graph view should be expanded. This means that I would like to hide groups with simple clicks in order to get a better overview. I would like to select two nodes in the graph and it should show me all linked nodes through which the two selected nodes are connected. I want to click on the nodes to display them without hiding the graph. The graph should be used as a static navigation bar.