Graphing hiding vs not include

i am hoping to hide nodes from my graph rather than not have them on the graph at all. to explain - i have one major folder with tons of data that i don’t want on the graph. but those serve as the connecting nodes for much of the info i do want. So if A connects to B, which is in hidden folder, and B connects to C, i still want to see that A and C are connected somehow, I just don’t need to SEE B on the graph. Is this possible? Right now if I exclude that folder, i see no connection between A and C at all.

Alternatives -

  1. On regular and local graph, is it possible to ONLY see level 2 depth of connection, instead of level 1 and 2?

  2. Can I ONLY see documents that are connected to more than one other document or include more than one internal link?

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Since A and C are connected via B, omitting it would be a misrepresentation of your graph. I can see how in some very specific use-cases, like yours, it might seem desirable, but IMO it would undermine the usefulness and the very meaning of the representation.

I would suggest, instead, that you tried to make those unwanted nodes less visually prominent by assigning them the background color (using groups and a path: filter).

Again, even if this sounds attractive right now, that would be like a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon without all the actors in the middle: they are all potentially linked to him, and the fun part is to see how.

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i think its best to think of B as the line for me - in other words, B has no actual meaning - it might be a newspaper article or whatever - but being able to see that there are a lot of articles that connect A and C is useful. Right now there’s too much B clogging up my graph to see it. I hear what you’re saying and appreciate the answer, but still hope to see the ability to manipulate the view a bit more from our end.

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