Graphical issues when Obsidian loses focus in Vim normal mode

When the cursor is on a heading line and in Vim normal mode, a list item or pretty much anything that conceals when the cursor is moved, and the window loses focus, the line displays both versions on top of each other.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a note that contains a heading (e.g. # First Section).
  2. Be in Vim normal mode, and have the cursor stand on the heading, in the new live preview editor.
  3. Move the mouse outside the Obsidian window, so Obsidian loses focus.

Expected result

When Obsidian loses focus, the live preview line tries to conceal the Markdown formatting # symbol, I expect it to look like when I move the cursor to a different line.

Actual result

The actual result is that the hidden symbols (e.g. #) and the text are drawn on top of each other.


Linux Manjaro.

Additional information

As discussed over Discord, users experience this in other OSs too: Discord

It happens with any symbols that are concealed when the cursor is moved in live preview, e.g. also list bullets.

Peek 2022-02-19 07-43

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