Graph view won't stop shifting around

I’ve been trying to adjust my graph view settings, but the view is constantly slightly shifting around, causing the entry boxes to keep kicking me out. Same thing happens if I try clicking any toggles, it just doesn’t work or disables itself. Zooming in and out also has a “stutter”, so something is telling me that the graph is constantly being updated by something.

I can’t figure out for the life of me what’s causing this. I’ve disabled all my plugins, uninstalled them, deleted my entire .obsidian folder to reset all my settings to scratch, reinstalled Obsidian, checked my mouse and keyboard for faulty inputs…

But still, no luck. I can’t seem to replicate this issue with other vaults however. If it’s worth mentioning, I sync my entire vault to Google Drive via the desktop application. My guess is that some file is appearing and disappearing, but I can’t figure out which file it would be if that is the case.

Not sure if I can post videos, but any help would be much appreciated!

Maybe turning off the “animate” setting would help?

Afaik, the animate option is just a button which displays your graph history, right? I can’t find a toggle option for it anywhere.

I think you’re right, sorry, I misremembered its purpose.

Also if Drive has an option to always keep the files on disk, that might help (Obsidian expects files to always be there, so doesn’t cope well with cloud service’s attempts to optimize storage).


Seems like Google Drive was definitely causing the issue by adjusting the files somehow. Moved the vault out of Drive for testing and it worked perfectly, thanks!

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