Graph View visualization bug - Disappears at opening if in stack tab view

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open 3 panes, in 2 of them open notes, in the third, put the graph view
  2. Set the panes in stack tabs mode
  3. Drag the Graph View pane the most to the right
  4. Select one of the other panes so to read the note in it
  5. Close Obsidian
  6. Reopen Obsidian, check the Graph View pane,

Expected result

To see the Graph View showing all the nodes, etc. in its pane where I did put it.

Actual result

The pane where Graph View was set is blank, no nodes, no lines, nothing, only the configuration menu.


  • Operating system: W10 x64 21H2
  • Debug info:
    Obsidian version: v1.0.3
    Installer version: v0.15.9
    Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19044
    Login status: not logged in
    Insider build toggle: off
    Live preview: on
    Legacy editor: off
    Base theme: dark
    Community theme: none
    Snippets enabled: 0
    Restricted mode: off
    Plugins installed: 32
    Plugins enabled: 0


Additional information

If in step 4, you select the Graph View and exit Obsidian, then in step 6 the Graph View shows normally. The problem arises only when using stacked tabs.

Once you have the problem only there are two options, or you drag to the left the pane of the Graph View and then drag it to the right (or wherever you want it), or you select the Graph View pane, and then restarts Obsidian.

The problem does not show if the Graph View pane is not at the right side.

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I can’t reproduce this.

Download and reinstall Obsidian. Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault. Also try with graphics acceleration off (settings>about)