Graph View: Thick Edges between Mocs

I’d like to propose a way to easily identify mocs (summary pages, gist pages, etc) from other nodes in graph view. This can be done by making the edges between mocs thicker (in conjunction with the increasing node size as nodes get linked more).

Some ways this can be implemented:

  1. In the plugins section, indicate a keyword that will be used to indicate which markdown file is a moc (ie #moc, #gist-page; the hashtags just makes the term more unique). Within the markdown note itself, type the keyword. In graph view, see the notes linked together with thicker edges (and perhaps to the outline of the node as well to continue the aesthetic).
  2. In each markdown note, count the number of [[ ]] links it has. Given a certain threshold (defined by the user?) it will connect to the next node that has a lot of links.
  • This second option, doesn’t work as well if a whole page uses tags (like in this convo), or if one is just starting out and there are not many links on their MOC pages compared to non-MOC pages.

The idea is for those who use the IMF system the index page and further mocs will all be visually linked, making the graph more informative as a decentralized network

I was inspired by @Drag0nRyd3r from the discord and the cover image from their article [[This]] is the Future of Note-taking and Personal Knowledge Management


Thought i would add an example, since someone on the discord asked for a clarification:

  • Index: it links to other moc notes so the connection between the index and those moc notes will have a thicker line.
  • Moc note: if a moc note links to other moc notes, then the connection between them will have a thicker line.

The way I take notes is I embed a lot in notes that aren’t mocs sometimes, so I just like to have a way to differentiate between explicit mocs and nodes that just have a lot of links.

As an alternative if people don’t like the emphasis on mocs and want the ideas to pop, the coloration could be adjusted. For example, the lines could be thick, but the color is fainter than the rest of the graph.

Hey, this is Drag0nRyd3r here. Nice to see that you posted the idea here. I hope it gets implemented.

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