Graph View shows all the tags even though I only filter one Tag

Even though in the filter section I only choose the tag #personal-development, the graph view still shows all the other related tags.
Is there a way to make the Graph View only show the “Tags” that I choose in the filter section?

Have a look here Exclude a specific tag from the graph view - #13 by Naraulki Haven’t tried this (yet) myself, but I think could be adapted into a solution to your problem.

I think it’s showing only the notes that have that tag, and all of the tags those notes have. Turn off the “Tags” toggle to hide them.

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But turning off the Tags toggle will also stop showing the tag which I intend to see in the graph view. For example in the image: I filtered the tag #personal-development and I just wanna see only this tag in the graph view. But for some reason, other related tags show up also.

The solution you provided is about excluding a specific tag whereas I want to keep a specific tag and remove all the other related tags from the view.

I do believe that’s the best you can do, even though it didn’t entirely match your use case.

One thing you can additionally do is to add a group (using the same search) and color the files you’re currently searching for.

I’ve not seen any options to exclude single tags, so I do believe it’s best to hide all tags, and rather color groups of files having that tag, or other tags of interest.

I wonder why the devs haven’t yet implemented this function. Maybe there is less demand for it.
But this function would actually give the Zettelkasten method a slightly different look as there won’t be any need for Hub Notes anymore and Tags would function as Hub Notes.

But I guess I gotta live without this function.

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Along the same lines I’m wondering why it can’t show all files having a given tag. That’s the capability to follow and show all files tagged with that given tag, and not just the tags of the files already shown.

Both ideas I think are worthy feature request, if not already mentioned in there.

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Ok, I think should post in the feature request section.

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