Graph View: show direction of links

The text in Note 1 may contain no links to any other notes, i.e. no outward/front links.
However, Note 1 may have Note 2 linking to it, i.e. Note 1 may have a backlink from Note 2.

The Graph View shows the links between notes as lines. It does not show whether the line represents a front link or a backlink.

It would useful if the lines could be arrows instead, thus showing the exact link relationship between notes. And if Note 1 has a front link to Note 2, and Note 2 has a front link to Note 1, then the Graph View should show that as a double headed arrow.


Remember that your brain runs in both directions. It goes from one subject to another then come back to the previous one. So IMHO direction of links might not be valuable. In fact, you’ll finally be used to read your graph view always in the same direction

@Oliver you brain may run in both directions, but your notes do not. So, in my view it IS useful to know in which direction your notes are linked.

I don’t know what you mean with your last sentence.


I also def would like the graph to be directed (visually).

I find the direction of the link essential to understanding the nature of my notes within context of my ‘managed knowledge’.

While some insights don’t depend on direction, others definitely do.

For example:

  • notes with many incoming links and few outgoing suggest an emergent core topic
  • while notes with many outgoing links and few incoming is more likely to be a MOC or summary note

Being able to quickly visually distinguish these is valuable.

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I agree this can be useful. Perhaps a toggle to turn it on and off would satisfy everyone?


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