Graph View Sequencer

  1. The idea is you click around the different nodes in the graph and it opens whatever node you clicked on last in the second window. You can then navigate around your graph this way.

  2. You can remix your notes by adding any of the notes you come across to “the sequence”, which would just be an “add to sequence option”

  3. When you are finished, you would hit a side button (similar to random note button) and it would create a sequence. The title of sequence could be a generic one or a Zettelkasten ID. Then in the actual note would be every file you “Added to the sequence” embedded (or just pasted) in order with line breaks between the notes, so it would end up looking like 3.


With a “sequence” that’s shown, would you be looking for something akin to this?

The idea I understand of what I wrote awhile back ago is that you can navigate around your notes using the graph view, then select notes which get added to a table of contents meta-data that gets tracked in its own tab.

The idea comes from Zettelkasten^3

If you look on the right hand side, you will see the open tab called “note sequences”. Essentially each note has a possible table of contents under it and you can add any note to any other note sequence. The creator of this open source software had a bunch of good ideas for the creation of a digital zettelkasten.