Graph view on Linux

Hello everyone,

first of all, I’m very happy with Obsidian. It surly became an important tool for me.

I’m using both macOs and linux at the moment. The macOs version works flawless for me but I’m having a problem with the graph view on linux.

The nodes are all pixelated and the links are too, like if they were all broken.

Maybe the answer is obvious but I didn’t find it yet.

PS.: I know that this is a matter of “aesthetics” for some people and I understand that perfectly but being the graph an awesome feature, it would be nice to be able to fix it.

Thank you all :pray:

What version are you on and what installation method are you using on Linux?

Linux isn’t the problem I think. My graph notes looks very healthy. I’ve used Linux for 10 years in many computers and I’ve never had a problem with graphics. The problem could be the graphic card of your computer.

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I’m on the latest version of Obsidian. The instalation method is with the appimage. I’m using manjaro at the moment but I had this “problem” with other distros before installing manjaro.

Thanks for your reply.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

I can’t say that I can replicate this on Ubuntu 18.04 (on i3) and the latest AppImage. What installer version are you on?

Hi, thanks for replying and I’m sorry I’m responding just now.

I have the latest AppImage version of the app. This “issue” was in Arco Linux (dwm, qtile and gnome) and also with Manjaro.

Sorry for my ignorance, but by saying “installer version” are you referring to AppImage, flatpak etc… ?

I’m starting to believe that this has something to do with the fact that I’m running Linux on my Mac.

I’m also using gnome with i3 (also a tiling window manager), so this shouldn’t be an issue. Since you are using dwm, are you using a compositor?

You can check your installer version in Settings > About under the version number. If it’s old, you might also want to update it (download a newer AppImage, and update your desktop file).

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ok, thanks.

The problem was solved by turning “Hardware Acelaration” off.

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