Graph View not showing most of my notes

Things I have tried

I tried looking for similar situations here but I haven’t found one yet

I have tried to use the local graph, and the old notes are and new notes and it works

I have tried to change the filters and reset back to the default filters but it hasn’t done anything

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to see all of my notes in my graph view

If you want to see all of your notes, use the “Graph View”. The “Local Graph View” only shows connections to the current note you are focused on.

If you already tried that and that’s not the issue, then I guess we need more info. Try with community plugins turned off. Update all your themes, plugins, and Obsidian installer. Or consider showing a screenshot of the graph, or settings to try and illustrate the problem.

I seem to be experiencing the same problem as @SomeRandomAccount . I load graph view (not local view). There is a flash of all my notes, then the screen settles on ten notes. So some type of filtering seems to be happening. I am not using any community plugins. I have not tried updating yet.

That sounds like the exact behaviour if you have a search or filter in your graph settings. Click the gear icon in the graph view, and make sure you don’t have a search saved in the field.

Any previous searches seem to be saved even if you close and restart Obsidian.

Otherwise, my same suggestion as above: Maybe show a screenshot of your graph settings, or any clue that might help.

Yes, @rigmarole, that is exactly what the problem was. I somehow managed to type a couple of letters into the search box. Problem solved! :+1:t2:

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