Graph view not centered on screen

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select “graph view” from the sidebar menu

Expected result

The graph view is rendered in the center of the screen so that it maximizes screen real estate.

Actual result

The graph is not rendered in the center of the screen, but is rendered to the top left of the screen and mostly cut off from view. This bug occurs when the Obsidian window is on my Macbook Pro 13", but does not on my external monitor (where it renders perfectly centered).


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.3
  • Using custom CSS: N/A

can you post two screenshots?

Here is a screenshot from Obsidian on my Macbook Pro 13" screen with the uncentered rendering:

And here is a screenshot from my external monitor where it renders properly:

@mediapathic can you reproduce this?

@wadesilvestro does this happen when you move the window from one screen do another?
Or you open the graph in one screen, and then you open again the graph in another screen?

The latter—it occurs from a fresh rendering of the graph on each separate screen (with the window maximized to fill the full screen real estate).

Can’t repro, is it fixed? @wadesilvestro Will close if there’s no further reports.