Graph view node color gradient based on frontmatter field "last modified"

Here in this discussion from Graph view node colours/icons based on front-matter, the topic of coloring nodes or assigning nodes icons based on YAML frontmatter was raised.

Building on from this discussion, I additionally suggest: what if there was a plugin that could color all the notes in the graph view along a color gradient, based on the YAML frontmatter field for the last date and time modified for a given file? For example:

  • the most recently modified files would be colored green
  • the least recently modified files would be colored red
  • all other files in between would be colored along the spectrum between red and green
  • files that just happen to lack a last modified YAML field would not have a color at all

To me this idea has value because it could summarize for me what areas of knowledge I am building on in the past few days or months, and what areas of knowledge I might be neglecting. DataView does this already in the textual sense but not in the visual sense, and my plugin suggestion would fill in this niche.

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