Graph view: make the search filter not filtering out unexisting file (if "existing files only" is off)

Currently, using the search filter makes unexisting files filtered out. As the picture above, I searched for “Untitled,” and it has 3 unexisting files (look at the local graph in the right pane). But the unexisting files weren’t showed (in the left pane), while the “existing files only” was toggled off.

For a workaround, I can use the local graph.
But I want to look a bulk of unexisting files in a folder (to manage my knowledge/project).

PS: if you find a bad explanation/bad English, please let me know. :pray:

We ended up doing this for now. However, strictly speaking this is not correct.
We may change this in the future.

The proper way to achieve what you probably want is this.

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