Graph view links broken

Hi, apologies if posted by others, but I cannot see same.

I installed a custom css script

Then found in graph view many notes show up as individual nodes, with no links to other notes
Notes with extensive links in them, only some of the links show in graph view.
Deleted css. Turned off custom css. Problem still remains

The PHD overview note highlighted in the attached screenshot shows 7 links. The note has more than 30 links, and so (yesterday) showed as an intensely ‘busy’ part of a very busy graph, as did many other notes. Now you can see many many disconnected notes, however there are only a handful of actual notes without links

Using Mac 10.15.6
Obsidian 0.8.12

Something like this was already reported. Post this again and with more details if you have this problem when you get 0.8.13

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