Graph View links between different vaults

Use case or problem

Inter-vault links in graph view are a need .
I need to create different vaults for Biology , Chemistry , Physics , Maths and CS to avoid cluttered view but want to link ideas between these disciplines.

Proposed solution

Represent different vaults as if they are different galaxies but connection are there…as they are zoomed , intricate topics are displayed and connections between intergalactic topics are shown as well.

Current workaround (optional)

No workarounds yet .

Related feature requests (optional)

I took the liberty of renaming your title. “Graph View” wasn’t very descriptive.

You say “no workarounds”. But instead of separate vaults, if you used folders to separate topics, you can use path:FolderName as a way of filtering into topics in both the search pane, and in graph views. And dataview queries.

You can also color nodes in the graph view using Groups, with a path:folder search to visually separate your “galaxies”. This is what I personally use to color actionable notes and book notes:


(Also there must be a way to filter two or more paths, but I can’t figure it out quickly… If I try and search for two paths I get no results.)

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You can use the OR keyword to filter multiple paths (Obsidian defaults group filtering to AND though it would be impossible for a note to have two different paths)