Graph view: how to keep a node highlighted?

Hello everyone! I am new to Obsidian, and just started moving my notes to this tool.

Looking at the graph view I was wondering if there is any way to keep a specific node (and all the connected ones) highlighted while panning around. I tried clicking and using all the modifiers I could think of (ctrl, alt, super, …) but it always ends up opening the note instead of keeping the node highlighted.



that’s a great question, as far as I know this isn’t possible, but definitely extremely useful

this is not the same, but you might find it useful

go to your note
open command pallette ctrl/cmd+p
type local graph

this opens a graph with notes connected directly to the one you are in

hope it helps


Thank you for the suggestion!

The local graph is a very nice feature, but it breaks the flow quite a bit to have to open a different file and then go back to the global graph.


yeah I get you, I think the functionality that you are requesting is would be a great idea!

I want to second this.

This feature is the difference between the whole app being useful for what I want to do, or useless (for me).

Is this the functionality that you are trying to get?

Feature Request Thread. Seems feature already exists?

It’s indeed not possible at the moment. I’ll move this to #resolved-help for now. Please search in the #feature-requests category before opening a new one

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