Graph View - How to create a group or a filter based on properties value


First I want to thank Obsidian Team with the new features properties ! It makes looks notes and referencing even better.

• What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a group name based on properties value in the grah view. But I cannot not make it. E.g. Colorize in red or yellow all notes having the property “Niveau” value equal to “3” (see screenshot below).

• Things I have tried

I tried to follow the suggested syntax by Obsidian help ["niveau":3] and tried many variants (ex : ["niveau"::3], uppercase/lowercase) but none of them worked.

I also tried to deactivate all css snippets and theme but it did not change anything.

Could anynone tell me what is the correct syntax, or possibily what I am doing wrong ?


This message just to inform that the problem has been resolved probably with the last updates. Groups based on properties are now correctly displayed in the graphs.

Thanks to Obsdidian team ! :slight_smile:

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