Graph View has a file that isn't in the file explorers

I have an issue that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I had placed a Word Document in my obsidian vault, opened it, then closed it and removed it once I was done with it. However, the “Owner” file that is typically created and deleted when a document is opened and closed has remained on my graph view

This file is not in my regular file explorer and when I right-click on the node to "Reveal in file navigation, it highlights a spot between files where the Word Doc once was.

I was wondering if there was a way to “Reset” the graph view. However, I imagine that it would do that whenever I had to open Obsidian again.

I notice that your graph view setting for “Existing Files Only” is off. Does flipping that make the node on the graph disappear? Is it possible that you still have a [[link]] in your vault to the non-existing file?

Unfortunately when I turn it off the node remains. It is also an orphan node so I don’t think that’s the issue.

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That does indeed sound correct. Sorry for the wrong guess!
Is the issue specific to graph view: e.g. if you use Obsidian’s search for the file does it appear? Is the ghost file still there after restarting Obsidian / restarting your computer?

Yeah, that’s what has me so curious, it doesn’t appear in the search, and it is still there after restarting Obsidian / restarting my computer. ATM I store my vault on an external hard drive and I regularly move between my laptop and PC, and even when I do this, it appears on both.

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