Graph View Global/Default Settings

Every time I open the graph view (even if I close the tab and immediate reopen it), I am stuck waiting for about a minute for it to load. I see the following screen frozen waiting for what I believe is an indexing of the vault.

Now whether I have preloaded graphmarks (bookmarks) or just a standard filtering I use to remove resources stored which I need in my vault but almost never in my graphs, either way before the filtering takes place I have to wait at least one minute to load a simple graph like the following:

I know that the issue is due to how many files I maintain, for example I have the bible stored within my vault and each verse is it’s own atomic note. This is a huge feature for me to have within my PKM vault but it comes at the trade off of overloading my graph.

As the vault is only expected to grow I feel like the answer isn’t for me to offload these resources into another vault, but rather to see the core functionality improved to account for large vaults.

Now, my idea/request is that we resolve this with a combination of the following suggestions:

1. When loading the graph allow the filters to immediately limit the query

2. Provide a setting feature that provides an initial filter for all global graphs

  • This would allow certain directories (ie. Archives) to never be considered by the global graph which should also optimize the performance
  • Within this concept of graph specific features it would also be nice to have globally assigned group assignments so that when generating different variations of graphs I don’t have to recreate specific groups

Am excited to use the graph for more triangulation (which is why I was so excited by the concept of graphmarks) but currently this performance issue is a huge limiter

Also worth noting that it appears this caching process only works for the open tab, so if I was to open a separate tab (while a fully loaded tab is also open), it would begin this lengthy process all over again. I don’t understand why this cache is not available to the application globally so that every new tab instance isn’t limited by it.

Some good news (I think)… I was able to update the “Excluded Files” setting and now my graph loads much quick as expected but without losing key features like linking notes. For now this appears to resolve my request but I’ll feedback if there are any unexpected trade-offs from this approach.