Graph view filter show two folders

Hi guys! I can’t figure out how to filter two or more folders in Graph View. I want to be shown only 2 folders. The query for 1 folder is - path: “folder1” . What is a query to filter 2 folders ? Thanks, sorry pls for bad english.

You can use the path operator again wrapped with parenthesis: (path: folder1) (path: folder2)

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Thanks , but not working (Obsidian ver.0.9.1.)…
Example: (path:todays/2020-Oct 10-Thu 01) (path:todays/2020-Oct 10-Fri 02).
When using 1 path operator - everything works great.
When adding 2 path operator using space and parentheses - works nothing.
Could be a bug in ver. 0.9.1?

Using the same query with OR between 2 path operators - works correctrly !
But i don’t understand why SPACE (=AND) is not working?
If I filter Graph View: (path: folder1) boolean SPACE*=AND* (path:folder2) . And there are blank result of filtering…
But if i filter with OR in Graph View: (path: folder1) OR (path:folder2) then I see what i need (i want to see both results filtered “folder1” and “folder2”)…
I don’t understand why OR is working and SPACE do nothing…

Hmm, actually, now that I think about more, that would be the expected behavior because when you are using AND you are expecting a file to be in two folders, which is not possible.

But when Im filtering Graph View to see only 2 folders and all files in it (i have 10 folders in my vault in total). Logically i must write (filter) - "I want to see only Folder 1 AND Folder 2 - in other words only content of that 2 folders." That mean "(path: folder1) AND (space) (path: folder2)". Isn't it right? But in that case works "(path: folder1) OR (path: folder2)".... Am i wrong?) Im just filtering folders and not searching for any specific files…
Filtering is just “Narrowing the range” of what will be shown?
I am afraid that in the future i will make many mistakes with filtering if I could not understand the basic principle of filtering right now…
Thank you Sam!

Haha, yes, filtering on folders is confusing. You have to think about how the file path is tested. If you have some thoughts on how to improve this, feel free to make a feature request.

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