Graph-view (filter based on any YAML field)

Expand the group filter to be able to search based on any YAML field). Not everybody is using tags for this purpose. Plus it will open whole new possibilities to make the graph view usefull.

Use case

  • color red tag the files with YAML tag complete: false
  • color green tag the files with YAML tag complete: true

In this way user can glimpse on graph view and know what files needs to be edited.


+1 for this idea.

I’m a heavy YAML user; #tags not so much. (Example YAML tags: Type, Client, Project, Status). This would make Graph View much more usable. I’m currently looking into getting similar functionality by using plugins but I think native graph view support would be better.

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I consider it a very useful feature.

I use YAML for defining some “note types”, I’d like the option of having graph of note of type X, without using tags.

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I believe you can do that now.